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Thermopal completes its brand relaunch with its new collection folder. Together with the complete programme it contains the full range of products offered by the premium manufacturer of wood materials. Interior fitters, architects and planners will find all the main information on designs, surfaces, materials and edges – clearly structured and with original HPL patterns. A CD with repeatable textures is also available so that 3D design, animation and CAD can be used to create plans quickly and true to the originals.

Consistent continuation of the DST system

“Competent, clear and compact,” is how marketing director Matthias Marx sums up the characteristics for which the new compendium is notable. Like the complete programme, the folder is divided into the three main chapters Designs (D), Surfaces (S) and Core Technology (T). This is the consistent continuation of Thermopal’s DST system. This triad covers every product division, and enables the customer to match any design with any surface and any core technology as desired.

Chapter “D” contains the designs in the new Thermopal collection 2010 to 2012: 87 plains designs, 96 wood reproductions, 60 stone, creative and worktop designs as HPL patterns and seven linoleum designs. The designs all contain information on the recommended surface and edges, and have a picture of the actual panel view. Design highlights such as the “Thermopal Designers’ Collection” and the digital print technology “Thermopal Individual” are included here.

The surface makes the difference

The chapter “S” is all about our rich and varied range of surfaces: it presents all eleven surfaces in the form of original HPL patterns. The comparison of designs and surfaces is particularly amazing, and contrasts four select designs with three different surfaces. Thus the observer can see quite clearly just what a difference a surface can make to the effect of a design.

Thermopal offers an exceptionally wide range of products in the fi


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