Water-Reducible Finish

Now available from Sherwin-Williams is Sher-Wood KEM Aqua Plus, a water-reducible, self-sealing, clear finish that the company says offers durability and mar resistance. When combined with a UV absorber, Sherwin Williams says Sher-Wood KEM Aqua Plus reduces damage and discoloration caused by sunlight.

Available in a wide range of gloss levels, this fast-drying finish provides the look and feel of a traditional lacquer with the environmental advantages of a water-reducible coating system, helping finishers earn LEED points, the company says.

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From trusted OEMs to regional market leaders, wood finishers worldwide rely on local solutions from Sherwin-Williams to help beautify and protect their products. We’re focused on solutions that help finishers make their products better, combining our full compliment of liquid and UV technologies with the benefits of the largest distribution platform in North America, technical experts dedicated to on-site support, and design engineering and color styling capabilities to provide exceptional finishing solutions to wood finishers. For a Better Finish. Ask Sherwin-Williams.

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