Now available in Trans-Tech and HVLP technologies, the DeVilbiss SRi conserves energy while maintaining transfer efficiencies, the company says. Trans-Tech technology combines maximum efficiency with environmental responsibility and provides optimum coverage with minimal paint usage.

Ergonomically styled for operator comfort, it features full fan and spot patterns for spray versatility. The SRi is equipped with full-size air and fluid controls and a cheater valve for precision air adjustments at the spray gun. The single-finger trigger adjusts from fine feathering to fade-outs and has uniform material distribution.

About DeVilbiss - manufactured by Carlisle Fluid Technologies

DeVilbiss has been delivering innovative solutions to spray finishing problems for over 125 years. Recognized as the global leader in high quality atomization for industrial finishing, DeVilbiss provides manual and automatic spraying equipment and contaminant-free finishing solutions for companies around the world.around the world.




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