SlipCon Vertical DD 1000

The SlipCon Vertical DD 1000 is the most functional vertical sander on the market. Designed for stain de-nibbing and sealer sanding on cabinet doors, face frames, entry doors and much more. The brush sander integrates with new and existing hanging lines allowing you to sand the parts without taking them off line.

About SlipCon Finishing Systems

Established in 1990, the Danish Company, SlipCon Finishing Systems is well known in the woodworking industry for creative finishing solutions. 


SlipCon has two styles of sanding systems; the Uniflex hubs and the aluminum hub and strip system. The Uniflex sanding brushes are made from slashed, flexible cloth, supported by natural

Tampico fibers molded into a light weight sturdy plastic hub. The aluminum hub and strip system works by sliding abrasive strips into a CNC machined aluminum hub. The aluminum hub allows you to change abrasives without removing the hub from the sanding machine.


Both systems come in a variety diameters, lengths and grits. Both are designed for whitewood sanding or sealer sanding; to sand moldings and flat panels without damaging profiles. Our abrasives, either Uniflex or the strip system, will fit into most sanders on the market.


The new Perfection line of brush sander series features a patented combination of oscillating sanding discs and sanding rollers. This patented combination makes the SlipCon Perfection the ideal finishing solution to effectively sand entry doors, cabinet doors, face frames, drawer fronts, sheet goods, shutters and more. This unique sanding system gives the greatest results for whitewood sanding, stain sanding, sealer and primer sanding for traditional finishes or U.V. coatings.




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