The HC60362 from SandMan Products is a high capacity, self contained, 2 sided, downdraft sanding station measuring 3x5 ft. Woodworkers can choose from two models: one has an anti-slip air permeable 3M, another has heavy-duty 1x3-in. steel tubing with coating on both sides. In addition to sanding dust, the HC60362 is designed to handle large amounts of waste produced from milling operations. Also, the 6-in. clean out port can be connected to a central vacuum system for quick and easy waste removal. (800) 265-2008,

About SandMan Products LLC

SandMan Products LLC is the manufacturer and retailer of the Sand Pro line of downdraft sanding stations & inspection lights.  Sand Pro sanding tables are known throughout the wood industry as an affordable solution to the unsanitary, unhealthy conditions produced when sanding or milling wood and other materials.  Strong repeat sales are a testament to the quality and effectiveness of Sand Pro sanding tables.  Sand Pro sanding tables are available in a variety of sizes, with an array of features including built in storage area, grid system tops, and adjustable height machines.  For larger items SandMan also offers portable sanding booths.  SandMan Products LLC recently introduced the Sand Pro inspection light series.   Save time and money by speeding up production and avoiding costly rework.  See scratches, swirl marks, and other imperfections before the material is finished.   Non-glaring flat beam bulbs illuminate work while eliminating eye strain.  12-volt transformer allows light to be on all day while keeping heat output to a minimum.  Light works great on sanding tables, wide belt sanders, and in quality control.





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