Perfection VS DD-1000 Vertical Brush Sander

SlipCon Finishing Systems introduces the revolutionary Perfection VS DD-1000 Vertical Brush Sander. This vertical brush sander is specifically designed to sealer sand parts on a hang-line. Effectively and uniformly sand the surface and the profiles of coated parts passing through the hang-line.

About Alpha-Brush ApS

The Alpha-Brush systems are the perfect choice of flexible sanding brushes and machines for production companies of any size. During the years we have gained a unique knowledge and know how in the different applications for the sanding industry.

The Alpha-Brush systems are used from small to large productions in the wood, metal, plastic and composite industry. Both the abrasive brushes and the machines are made of high quality materials after european standards which ensures you the best sanding results each time.

All new machines are supplied with SlipCon's patented abrasives as a standard. Further more we also produce our own abrasives to fit existing hubs on the market.




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