IWF: Manual air-assisted spray guns

Designed to maximize efficiency and quality, Graco's G15/G40 air-assist spray guns use the highest quality components for long-lasting reliable performance. The AAF tip line is designed for soft spray and improved transfer efficiency. A key feature of the lightweight gun is its ability to significantly vary its spray pattern without changing tips simply by rotating the fan pattern adjustment knob. The two models also feature a new aircap that provides uniform atomization and improved finish quality, as well as soft spray capabilities. The G15 is a 1500 psi model for use in the wood industry and other low and medium pressure applications. The G40 is a 4000 psi model for higher pressure applications. The guns weigh less and have a lighter trigger pull than any other air-assisted gun in its class.

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Wood Finishing is an art that requires precision and quality. For each phase of the project, Graco's pumps, packages, guns, and accessories should be used to not only achieve a superior finish, but to assist and enhance the skills of the operator. Different equipment can be required for each stage of the wood finishing process to help deliver the material in the most uniform and efficient method.

Choose Graco's applicators, pumps, packages and plural component equipment to improve productivity, reduce paint usage costs, lower emissions and provide consistently better finishes on your wood finishing projects.



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