The company has added colors to its HanStone Quartz line of natural quartz coatings, and to its Hanex Solid Surfaces lines. The new HanStone Quartz colors include Emerald Isle (deep dark surface embedded with flecks of emerald green and gold), Antique Sable (rich surface with hints of copper and grays) and Bianco Canvas, a soft multi-toned white. Crafted from a blend of acrylic resins and natural materials, Hanex Solid Surfaces has added two new collections. The pale, translucent Solo, which features the new Aqueous pale blue solid color, and Hydra pale green solid surface. The Constellation series features subtle metallic shimmers, including Andromeda (warm gray), Pegasus (pearlescent white), Taurus (rustic copper) and Libra (gray).
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