Challengers Entrants: Spirit Design - White Gold P-M 143/02-9001

Ornate and elegant design, featuring the latest surface technology. A superb printed design which sets a new standard, Spirit fascinates at the first glance. This amazing new design blends together loops and swirls to create a completely original look and feel. Metallic high gloss surface and a variety of applications, suitable for all living spaces including kitchens, bathroom and office areas and it is qualified to be used for commercial and retail interiors.

About American Renolit Corp.

American RENOLIT Corporation offers 3D Laminates (also called "rigid thermofoil" or RTFs) in a wide range of whites, solid colors, woodgrain patterns, metallic and abstract patterns for flat and three dimensional surfacing of components for commercial furniture, residential furniture, store fixtures, kitchen cabinets, closet systems, kiosks and other fabricated products.

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