Gemini Coatings offers a complete line of low-HAPs and low-VOC and HAPs-free conversion varnishes. These coatings are designed for the kitchen cabinet industry, where passing stringent tests are required. These products are intended for use on automated production lines. Gemini Coatings offers technical support on all of its products. 800-548-6583,

About Gemini Coatings

Gemini products consist of Nitrocellulose lacquers, 

CAB lacquers, pre-catalyzed and catalyzed lacquers, conversion varnishes, stains, glazes and exterior 

wood preservatives.


Gemini has an aerosol packaging plant that packages its own products and provides custom filling.


Gemini produces a complete line of Touch Up and Repair products, branded “Masters Magic”. This product line consists of wax sticks, markers, aerosols, finish putty and related fill materials.




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