Blow-Off Device
Timesavers introduces its new Random Air Motion Blow-Off device. According to the company, this device is the only new part cleaning system in the industry to have a truly random motion. The system uses small diameter rubber tubes backed by compressed air that fly around similar to a fire hose under pressure that is not being held.

Because of the random action and the focused high pressure air, dust particles in recesses and crevices are lofted into the air, which are then removed via the integrated dust hood system. The system is simple, efficient, uses few parts, reduces labor and improves air quality in the plant by eliminating the need for employees to blow off parts with hand held air nozzles.
Blow-Off Device

About Timesavers LLC

Timesavers is a manufacturer of widebelt sanders, veneer sanders, veneer polishers, crossbelt polishers, planer/sanders, feed through orbitals, de-nibbing machines, rotary brush surface conditioning machines and custom or semi-custome equipment for the woodworking industry.