Waterborne Flash-Off Systems


Col-Met Spray Booths introduces the Col-Met Power-Pods Line of Waterborne Flash-off Systems. Col-Met’s Power Pod technology is available in single portable units or in corner-mounted systems. It features seven Venturi nozzles, which create turbulence to disrupt laminar airflow during flash-off, says the company. The 1200 FPM at each nozzle creates the maximum laminar disruption, adds Col-Met, and optional front or rear zone control maximizes economy and efficiency. The system has a 2 HP motor and fan assembly designed to create efficient airflow at the lowest possible cost, says the company. No compressed air is required by any of Col-Met’s waterborne flash-off systems, says Col-Met, and Power Pod systems come with a control panel , which eliminates the need to wire into a user’s booth controls when retrofitting.

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