High-Performance Coatings For Frames and Shutters

ICA introduces a new system of high-performance coating products for wooden frames and shutters. ICA has developed an all-new system of water-based colors and effects specifically designed for wooden door frames, window frames and shutters, says the company. ICA said the new coatings offer aesthetics as well as maximize the protective action and are designed to work with traditional wood species and Accoya wood. ICA’s Aborea Natural Matter water-based impregnating agents and the wide range of pastel shades of the Aborea Pastel water-based impregnating agents plus the Aborea Metal line of water-based metallic top coats and the water-based lacquered top coats are part of the combination system designed by ICA. The system allows the creation of two-tone effects on wooden windows, says the company. ICA’s color system also offers a wide range of aesthetic and chromatic combinations to users. In addition, ICA offers Easy Coat, a water-based conditioner for cleaning frames and shutters. Easy Coat is designed to prevent degradation of the coating while maintaining the beauty of the wood, says ICA.

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