ICA Group introduces the new Natural Matter range, composed of new stains designed to bring out the naturalness of the wood grain. Natural Matter’s range includes 15 new shades that the company says fits in with the current trends in the finishing of modern furniture, which includes the highlighting of wood’s natural beauty. ICA Group says the Natural Matter range’s tones were inspired by the colors of cereals and spices, such as barley, spelt, cinnamon and ginger and they have been specifically designed for application to wood species, such as knotted oak, to allow the natural grain of the wood to come to the fore. Applying the Naturwood water-based top coat to the new line of stains treated surfaces will protect the treated surfaces without altering their natural appearance. Tones of the Natural Matter series complement the My Lab system, which allows users to create unique combinations with the 70 metal-effect coatings of the Liquid Metals range.  


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