Ultra Compact Sander Options

BLACK+DECKER  introduces the newly updated Mouse Sander (BDEMS600) as well as a new 1/4 Sheet Sander (BDEQS300) and a Random Orbit Sander (BDERO600). The 1/4 Sheet Sander and Random Orbit Sander are each the shortest sanders in their class, adds the company. The 1.5A Mouse Sander features a compact and ergonomic design. It can be gripped in three ways, including the palm grip, which is useful for sanding surfaces; the precision grip, which provides extreme maneuverability; and the handle grip, which allows users to get into ultra tight spaces. The Mouse Sander’s handholds let users comfortably sand on a flat or raised surface, horizontally or vertically, adds the company. The 1/4 Sheet Sander’s uses include finish sanding and detail work. The Random Orbit Sander provides fast, efficient material removal and both feature paddle switches which are located on top of each sander and are activated by pressing down with the palm of the hand as if the sander is in use. The sander can then be locked in either the on or off position for one-handed use. The Mouse Sander, available in November, retails for $39.99. The 1/4 Sheet Sander costs $29.99 and the Random Orbit Sander costs $39.99; both will be available in December.

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