Turbine Blow Off Tool
August 7, 2014 | 11:46 pm CDT

Apollo Sprayers offers its Turbine Blow Off Tool, described as a handy air tool that runs from a user’s turbine system, directing warm, dry turbine air to blow work areas clean. The Apollo Turbine Blow Off Tool can replace any blow off tool used with an air compressor, says the company. The Apollo Air Tool runs from the turbine system, offering users warm, dry air that is free from contaminants such as oil and water, typically found in many air compressor lines, according to the company. The Apollo Turbine Blow Off Tool saves on electricity, adds the company, by running a turbine instead of an air compressor. The Turbine Blow Off Tool can be used for blowing off work surfaces or parts when machining or sanding during the finishing process.

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