Self-Seal Flat Finish

For a completely natural look ICA America offers Naturwood, a “dead flat” finish which can be used self-seal. Naturwood is a Bicomponent transparent matt top coat (5 gloss), for spray or curtain-coater application, says the company. Its excellent transparency and water-resistance make it comparable to acrylic, solvent-based coatings, adds ICA America. For an enhanced  "essence effect", users can use a two-coat Naturwood cycle, says the company.

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About ICA North America

Founded in 1971 by Claudio Paniccia and his family, ICA is now the leading producer of specialized high end coatings for wood in Italy. Today ICA is still owned and run by Claudio and his sons who have invested heavily in the very latest research, manufacturing and informatics systems - as evidenced by ICA 3 which was formally opened March 2003. The Export department was founded in 1989, and ICA 2 was opened in 1991, in Civitanova Alta. ICA 3, comprising both new production and laboratory facilities opened in 1993, whilst ICA North America opened in Canada in 2001. ICA expanded further, acquiring BASF wood coatings/Salchi in 2004 and opening a German subsidiary in 2005. The new state of the art warehouse opened in August of 2006 and ICA North America opened their new offices in January 2007.

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