Portable Wide Belt Sander

The SpeedSander from Timesavers is a portable wide belt sander on heavy duty casters designed for easy operation in a small shop environment, says the company. Features include a combination drum and platen sanding head, abrasive belt oscillation, electronic tracking belt, load meter and easy belt changing. The SpeedSander is offered in single or three phase 37” and 43” models. The 25” single phase version is available as a special order only, adds Timesavers. The SpeedSander offers a 10-30 FPM variable speed in-feed and an amperage load meter along with a digital thickness readout. Additional information is available at SpeedSander.com.

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About Timesavers LLC

Timesavers is a manufacturer of widebelt sanders, veneer sanders, veneer polishers, crossbelt polishers, planer/sanders, feed through orbitals, de-nibbing machines, rotary brush surface conditioning machines and custom or semi-custome equipment for the woodworking industry.