Electric Pump Finishing Series

Finishing Brands introduces the new Binks Smart Piston Pumps. The Binks Smart Series lowers running costs and delivers optimum operating performance using electric instead of compressed air, says the company. Features include a horizontal short stroke design. Equal thrust on both pistons is designed to provide identical flow and pressure for both strokes. It permits a higher cycle rate than conventional vertical pumps with more flexibility for paint flow range, says Binks. A reciprocating drive, achieved by a sliding carriage mechanism and rotating constant velocity cam with special profile reduces fluid pressure fluctuations to a minimum, adds the company. The piston seal is lubricated by paint on both sides, increasing seal life says the company, and the design avoids external paint leaks when the seal needs replacement. The pumps provide flow rates from 0.5 to 16 GPM with pulse free fluid delivery, says Binks.

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