Exel North America introduces the new Kremlin Rexson PU3000 Plural Component Electro-Mechanical Mixing Equipment. The PU3000 incorporates a "plug and play" concept for mixing two component paints. The patented Pulse Free Control technology delivers pulsation free performance for mixing and application. Electronic, variable-ratio pumps ensure accurate reliable mixing and controlled fluid delivery, says the company. The control panel can be remote mounted or machine mounted. The PU3000 works with a variety of materials including: solvent or water-based coatings, polyurethanes, MS polymers, primers, silicon, lacquers, epoxy, PVC, glues, zinc and acid-catalyst top coats. For those who currently hot pot (hand mix) and have infrequent color changes, the PU3000 will on average save or add about 50 minutes of production time each day, while reducing material waste and facilitating cleanup, according to the company. Also offered is the PU3000PH, a unit specifically designed for acid catalyzed materials.

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About SAMES Kremlin

SAMES KREMLIN, formerly EXEL North America, Inc. - Manufacturer of Kremlin Rexson, SAMES, & Johnstone brand products. We offer Automatic and Manual Paint Spray Guns, Rotary Electrostatic Bell Atomizers, Fluid Dispense & Mixing Systems, Turnkey Automotive Robotic Systems, and Turnkey General Industrial Systems.

Our history spans over 75 years of providing optimum solutions using high quality innovative and reliable equipment. We are made up of employees with a "Mission-to-Serve and a Sense-of-Urgency" philosophy.

Our product ranges are among the widest, starting with our Kremlin Rexson Airmix® spray guns, to SAMES Technologies - Electrostatic Rotary Atomizing Bells, to "state of the art" Johnstone and Kremlin Rexson pumping and proportioning systems.

SAMES KREMLIN makes manufacturers more competitive with precise applications of liquids, powders, sealants, adhesives, mold release agents, oils, paints, sealers, primers, waxes and any other flowing powder or fluid product.

We have a large Systems Group that has over 50 years of team experience with proven installations across the world, and we employ the best in the business when it comes to process expertise and system execution.  If it's painted or sealed, we've probably done it before - by hand and/or with a robot. We supply turn-key manual, automatic, and robotic paint and dispense systems for automotive and general industrial markets. We integrate turn-key paint-shop and body-shop, dispense systems for Sealer, Mastic, and Adhesive applications. We also have three Application Labs in Plymouth, Michigan: General Industrial Paint, Automotive Paint, and a Sealant/Dispense.

SAMES KREMLIN has 110+ Distributors located throughout North America. Our Regional Sales Managers have 20+ years of sales & technical experience.

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SAMES KREMLIN Systems Group:

SAMES KREMLIN  – manufacturers of Kremlin Rexson, SAMES and Johnstone brand products provides more than just standard products to our customers; we provide fully, integrated Systems to the General Industrial & Sealant & Adhesives industry.   

SAMES KREMLIN Systems group is a turn-key systems supplier of painting, fluid handling, and dispensing systems.  We have over 50 years of experience with proven installations across the world, and we employ the best in the business when it comes to process expertise and system execution. 

SAMES KREMLIN Systems Group utilizes standard products by providing a turn-key solution that fits your special needs and demands.  We invest in Research & Development and design custom solutions and create new technology for you so that you can be as productive as possible.  We will review your current finishing and dispense system and offer solutions to optimize them to be as efficient as possible.  We believe in our products and our process.

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