Herkules Equipment Corp. introduces the Fast Track, a new paint gun washer designed to speed the paint gun cleaning process anywhere in the shop. The FastTrack Model G45 paint gun washer is 10 inches wide, lightweight and designed to work with the Herkules Sparkle Clean Blast aerosol can cleaner. Blast cleans both waterborne and solvent paints. The Blast can is fastened upside down to the top of the Fast Track. The cleaner is released into the gun’s paint channel with the needed amount of pressure to clean inside the gun. Herkules Sparkle Clean Blast contains the same low VOC cleaning formula as the aerosol can cleaner, says the company. The Blast can has a special valve that hooks to the gun washer for effective release of the cleaner. The FastTrack features mounting holes so that it can be mounted anywhere in a shop or a mobile work station.


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