One-Step Pore Filler and Wood Sealer

ShellacFinishes introduces Seal-Lac, a ready-to-use combination pore filler and wood sealer.  Seal-Lac creates a finish foundation in a single step, using a proprietary formulation that fills in pores of open-grained wood while simultaneously sealing the wood, says the company, with a balanced composition of solids, shellac, and other natural resins. Seal-Lac fills the pores of open-grained wood, and penetrates and seals the wood, while preventing excessive absorption of the final finish, improving finish adhesion, and reducing grain raising, adds the company. It can be used on pine knots prior to painting and can also be used before applying Polyurethane, Lacquer, or Urethane finishes. Seal-Lac is applied using a brush, pad, or spray equipment and is a thermoplastic polymer with the ability to fuse with any solvent-based finish, says ShellacFinishes. Seal-Lac can be used as a sealer for indoor furniture and applications include arts and craft projects, musical instruments, and flooring. It is derived from Dewaxed Super Blond shellac and does not add any color to the final finish.

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