Metallic-Effect Exterior Coatings

ICA Group introduces its Arborea Metal line of exterior coating products, which integrates with the Arborea Range. Arborea Metal is composed of water-based impregnating agents and top coats with a metallic effect, designed to deliver a high level of protection thanks to the presence of metallic pigments that preserve the wood against the degradation resulting from UV rays, says the company. The Arborea Metal water-based metallic impregnating agents, IM764VM series, are suitable for the coating of rustic matchboarding in outdoor applications. Available in six different metallic shades, the coatings make it possible to achieve an aged effect, which is the ideal solution for modern buildings with wooden facades, but is also designed for all external structures where an innovative aesthetic impact is required, adds ICA. Arborea Metal is applied with a dual coat and produces a result similar to the wax effect. ICA says the products are easily applied and refreshed.

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