Rockler introduces a larger, gallon-sized version of its original quart-sized Mixing Mate Paint Lid. Like the smaller version the mixing turbine operates with a simple crank handle to achieve a thorough mix in a matter of seconds. The sealed rim eliminates drips and spills and it provides an easy storage solution, says the company. Mixing Mate is designed to offer an improved method of preparing, using and storing paint and finishing products, says the company. Each lid features four cam locks that create a tight seal to the can, eliminating spills. After the lid is locked, the user cranks the handle for approximately 30 seconds in the clockwise direction to completely mix the paint or finish. The pouring handle features a spring-loaded thumb trigger that allows users to pour with one hand and when done pouring, it seals itself and the product can be stored until it is needed. Mixing Mate can be re-used again and again and can be transferred to other paint and finish cans.

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