Graco Inc. has been a leading provider of applicators, pumps, spray packages and plural component equipment for all types of wood, metal and plastic applications, says the company. Graco says its liquid finishing equipment improves productivity, reduces paint usage costs, lowers emissions and provides consistently better finishes, plus it’s built in the USA.


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About Graco Inc.


Wood Finishing is an art that requires precision and quality. For each phase of the project, Graco's pumps, packages, guns, and accessories should be used to not only achieve a superior finish, but to assist and enhance the skills of the operator. Different equipment can be required for each stage of the wood finishing process to help deliver the material in the most uniform and efficient method.

Choose Graco's applicators, pumps, packages and plural component equipment to improve productivity, reduce paint usage costs, lower emissions and provide consistently better finishes on your wood finishing projects.




Phone: 877-844-7226

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