Turbine Spray Coater
March 8, 2013 | 4:05 pm CST

ASI-HVLP, a division of Apollo Sprayers, introduces the ASI-HVLP ECO Series. The Turbine Systems consist of three models, the ECO-3, ECO-4 and ECO-5, featuring three, four and five stage turbines. Each model comes with a choice between two Apollo HVLP spray guns, the E5011 and E7000, and a foam filter with QT Quiet Technology in a case designed to allow full ventilation and air filtration, says the company. The ECO series also includes a 20’ air hose with quick disconnect to the spray gun. ECO-3’s applications include spraying a wide range of thin to medium viscosity finishes. ECO-4’s applications include a wide range of coating viscosities. The ECO-5 offers the ability to atomize and spray the fullest range of coating viscosities, says the company.


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