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ASI-HVLP, a division of Apollo Sprayers, introduces the ASI-HVLP ECO Series. The Turbine Systems consist of three models, the ECO-3, ECO-4 and ECO-5, featuring three, four and five stage turbines. Each model comes with a choice between two Apollo HVLP spray guns, the E5011 and E7000, and a foam filter with QT Quiet Technology in a case designed to allow full ventilation and air filtration, says the company. The ECO series also includes a 20’ air hose with quick disconnect to the spray gun. ECO-3’s applications include spraying a wide range of thin to medium viscosity finishes. ECO-4’s applications include a wide range of coating viscosities. The ECO-5 offers the ability to atomize and spray the fullest range of coating viscosities, says the company.


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Since 1966, Apollo Sprayers HVLP continues to design and develop some of the most technologically advanced, innovative, and environmentally positive paint sprayers in the world. Our user-friendly and award-winning HVLP paint sprayersHVLP spray guns, and accessories meet the exact requirements for a broad array of industries around the world and are supported by our knowledgeable and experienced technical support team.

Manufactured right here in the USA, these premium HVLP paint sprayers benefit the industrial and professional finishing markets, as well as the professional home hobbyist and cosmetic UV Sunless market. We welcome you to explore the benefits of HVLP and partner with Apollo Sprayers in your journey. You will find a home here at Apollo with helpful technical staff and tons of expertise to help you get the best results out of your new paint sprayer. We look forward to you joining our family.





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