Flexible Hand-Held Sprayer

Titan’s new FlexSpray HandHeld multi-tool for painting professionals has the power of an airless sprayer with the control of an HVLP, says Titan, and is capable of spraying all types of. coatings for interior, exterior and fine finishing jobs. The FlexSpray is powered by a variable speed turbine designed to spray unthinned latex as well as lightweight coatings like lacquer and stain. Uses include a high gloss finish on cabinets and furniture, special effects finishes for multi-color coatings, and it will match a roller nap finish on existing drywall when spraying unthinned latex, says the company. It features a Quick Change System, allowing the user to change front ends with a simple twist. Each front end is a sealed system that can store paint, eliminating cleaning between jobs or while waiting for coatings to dry. The FlexSpray HandHeld has two front end options. The FlexFinish front end can handle heavy coatings like latex, enamel and acrylic with the speed of a 413 tip with minimal overspray, says the company. The FineFinish front end is optimized to apply coatings like stain, lacquers and urethanes yielding results similar to a four-stage HVLP. Both front ends are compatible with water and solvent-based coatings.

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