Flatter Brush Head Sander

Raw wood and sealer sand with a SuperBrush from SuperMax Tools. For this application, the SuperBrush is equipped with a flatter style brush head. Break edges and open the grain for stain with a 180 or 220 grit flatter strip. To sealer sand, change strips to a 320 grit. Changing between grits is easy, says the company, as the flatter strips simply slide out of the brush head. The SuperBrush brush sander from SuperMax is a machine that can be equipped with different types of sanding heads to achieve a wide variety of finishes, says the company. It is commonly used for applications that would traditionally be done by hand, such as profile sanding mouldings or raised panel doors, or to achieve labor-intensive finishes like distressing. SuperBrush is available in 24", 36" (pictured) and 49" sizes.

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