Five-Axis Spray Robot with 3D Scanning Guidance

Superfici, which is part of the Scm Group, offers the Valtorta Bravorobot, now featuring 3D scanning capabilities. The 5-axis spraying robot detects the shapes and sizes of the workpieces, and also reconstructs their thickness profiles, says the company.

The ability to detect the shape and size of a workpiece makes it possible to selectively spray complex mouldings and grooves, the company says. The spraying system also is flexible for quick change operations as well as special finishing effects.

The Painting Robot system for panels performs pre-programmed spraying sequences on panels of varied shapes, says the company, and offers a solution for customers who need to frequently change the type of finish and the type of pieces being finished. It also offers a high degree of flexibility, due to the capacity of the system to automatically adapt the spraying cycle to the different pieces loaded and by the ability to do fast color changes.

The machine is flexible, adds Scm, because it can be used as a robot and as a spraying machine. It offers ease of use, says the company, with easy to learn software, which operates in a Windows XP environment. The PC interface with three-dimensional graphics is intuitive and easy to operate, adds Scm.

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