Drying Rack for Glued & Finished Parts

Smartech introduces the Dura | Rack Drying Rack. Designed to hold both glued and finished parts, the Dura | Rack provides a secure and versatile location for parts to dry, says the company. The powder-coated steel frame is designed to hold more than 1000 lbs. The Dura | Rack has 34 rows of support poles that are spaced to hold both large and small parts steadily, even when moving around the shop. The support poles can be adjusted side to side or removed to hold very thick or deep parts. Replaceable paper tubes fit snugly on the support poles to keep a user’s product clean, says the company.

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About Smartech International LP

Smartech International is proud to supply the Thermofoil Door Industry with Steinbach Silicone and Natural Rubber Membranes from Germany. For nearly 20 years, Steinbach membranes have been valued worldwide for their durability and availability. Smartech stocks four different durometers of silicone as well as natural rubber in a wide variety of sizes in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. Custom size orders have quick lead times from Germany. Steinbach silicone and natural rubber membranes are available with textured or smooth surfaces as well as several different thicknesses, ensuring the right membrane for each particular application. The HS2000 Motorized Roll Racks are custom built to individual specifications. Designed to hold rigid thermal foil or paper laminate, these heavy duty systems amortize quickly by saving time and protecting your laminate investment. Bauerrichter High-Gloss Polishing Machinery and Compounds are known throughout Europe for providing durable, mirror-like finishes for your high-end products.



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