Lithium Ion Battery Packs

DeWalt introduces its 20V MAX Premium XR Lithium Ion Battery Packs, available in 2.0 Ah (DCB203) and 4.0 Ah (DCB204). DeWalt says the new battery packs provide 33% longer run-time than standard DeWalt 20V MAX battery packs. The DCB203 and DCB204 are compatible with the entire line of DeWalt 20V MAX tools. With a 3-LED Fuel Gauge System, the batteries allow immediate feedback on the state of charge and there is no memory effect and virtually no self-discharge, resulting in less downtime, says DeWalt. DeWalt’s Premium XR Lithium Ion batteries have a maximum runtime in a lightweight design, weighing 1.34 lbs. for the DCB204. The 2.0 Ah battery is included in all DeWalt compact brushless tool kits, including combo kits. The 4.0 Ah battery will be included in all DeWalt premium individual brushless tool kits. The Maximum initial battery voltage, measured without a workload, is 20 volts; nominal voltage is 18, says the company.

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