Zero Glue Line Edgebanding

Hebrock’s matching zero glue line edgebanding with the Hebrock Airtronic Zero Line Edgebander allows a woodworker to implement high gloss laminates and cut out the step of painting it, says the company Previously, a woodworker would have to match the glue to the edgebanding color such as white for white edgebanding or brown for woodgrains. Because the zero line adhesive is so small, matching color is not a factor. Because of the limited amount of adhesive required, buffing and cleaning is kept to a minimum, adds Martin Woodworking Machines, and maintenance is reduced with no glue-pot to clean. Zero line edgebanding produces a panel that looks like one piece, says the company. Hebrock’s Airtonic features a hot air system which replaces an adhesive unit and anchors the liquid polymer to the substrate for a durable jointless connection.

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