Wireless Temperature Measurement of Panels

GreCon introduces the Easylog, exhibited at Ligna 2013, designed to provide wireless temperature measurement during hot pressing of thin wood-based panels. The Easylog features a smaller chip for measuring the temperature of wood based panels such as MDF, particleboard, and OSB, during hot pressing. It features a wireless sensor, 2.5 mm flat, which is placed in a wood based mat as a so-called lost component and runs through the hot press to measure the temperature for the entire pressing procedure, according to GreCon. After leaving the press, the measured data is wirelessly read out with a reader and transferred to a PC for evaluation using a USB stick. The mat temperature of any position within the press provides information on the curing of the resin in the mat. The press program for the individual panel types can be optimized to reach a core layer temperature of 100 °C as soon as possible, adds GreCon. The Easylog can be used for continuous monitoring of the conditioning of thin wood based panels during cooling. It is suitable for use with thin panels (from 10 mm) and measures the mat temperature in any position within the press. Benefits include a reduction in press run-in times, says GreCon. 

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