Vertical CNC Machining Center Series

Holz-Her's new Evolution CNC Machining Center series offer productivity in a small space requirement, says the company. The vacuum-based clamping system (patent pending) is equipped with software-controlled, fully automatic suction cup positioning with hole recognition, allowing workpieces to be machined on all four sides without re-clamping, adds Holz-Her. The standard drilling head is equipped with nine vertical and six horizontal drills and a grooving saw. The optional XL-drilling head has up to 22 drilling spindles and a grooving saw. The router spindle with automatic tool changer delivers flexibility and extremely fast cycle times, says Holz-Her. The Evolution series has a machining capacity of 3,200 mm (10 ft) in the X-direction without any additional support of the panels and 920 mm (3 ft) in the Y-direction. Applications include machining cambered solid wood sections, MDF furniture fronts, milling and drilling of furniture parts, engravings and processing of counter tops with short cycle times, according to the company. The Evolution provides the Holz-Her CAMPUS/NCHops software for easy-to-use parametric programming and a variety of macros. The Evolution series offers machining simulation, software controlled vacuum pod placement and direct DXF/DWG import, adds the company.

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