Vertical CNC Machining Center

As part of the continuation of the growth of the Holz-Her CNC product line, Holz-Her has developed the Evolution Vertical CNC Machining Center.  The Evolution won the Challengers Award for new technology at IWF 2014.With its patent-pending vacuum clamping system, the Evolution provides vertical and horizontal drilling, saw cutting and routing without reclamping. Evolution has a maximum machining capacity of 3500 mm. by 920 mm. by 70 mm. provided in a small and efficient footprint. The Evolution provides five vertical and six horizontal drill spindles, a grooving saw, a 7.5 Hp router spindle, and six position automatic tool changer, offering full four-sided machining capability. The Evolution is standard with Holz-Her CAMPUS/NCHops for programming. The software uses parametric programming as well as an abundance of macros to simplify programming. The Evolution series offers machining simulation, software controlled vacuum pod placement, as well as direct DXF/DWG import.

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