Versatile Compact Edgebander Series

Adwood Corp.’s Cehisa Compact Series edgebander features 31 fpm processing speed, 50mm panel height, up to 3mm PVC edge material and 5mm solid wood strips. The four models equipped with up to seven work stations makes it an all-round versatile entry-level edgebander, says the company. Standard features include quick melt glue pot, high frequency motors, insert tooling and a PLC control screen on all models.

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About Adwood Corp.

ADWOOD fully supplies woodworking shops with a wide range of panel processing equipment; edgebanders, sliding table saws, vertical panel saws widebelt and edgesanders sanders, 32 mm boring machines and standard machines. ADWOOD supplies division TAPES & TOOLS offers hand tools, glues and edgebanding products. 

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