Heavy Duty Sliding Table Saw

Scm introduces the new Minimax  S315 Elite S sliding table saw, which can accurately and cleanly square panels up to 10’ in length and easily straight line rip thick, solid wood lumber, says the company. The sliding table rides on hardened steel  guide ways with ball bearings assuring smooth movement as well as durability, adds Scm. Inside it incorporates a cast-iron blade group with a closed structure, which rides on a double trunnion  mechanism, a design which guarantees easy tilt action and eliminates the possibility of twisting the blade group over time, says the company. The sliding table saw features a 1ph Leeson motor, for use by a variety of shops, adds Scm. The S315 Elite S has a maximum squaring stroke of 126”; main blade diameter of 12”; 90 degree/45 degree cutting height of 4”/3” and a rip capacity of 50”.

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