Seam-Free Edgebanding

REHAU’s LaserEdge is an adhesive-free, non-PVC laser edgeband produced in North America. LaserEdge is designed to provide a seam-free furniture edging solution that is applied via laser, plasma or hot air edgebanders. The two-layer edgeband is offered in proprietary polypropylene (PP), ABS or PMMA polymer formulations and replaces commonly used PVC edging solutions for all machine technologies currently on the market, says the company. LaserEdge is applied with laser, plasma or hot air edgebanding equipment that melts a color-matched functional layer on the reverse side of the edgeband and welds it to the carrier board. The resulting seam-free board offers increased aesthetic appeal, says the company. Eliminating adhesives streamlines the edging application process and reduces material and labor costs, adds REHAU. LaserEdge can be used in office, kitchen and store fixture applications.   

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About REHAU Inc.

REHAU is North America's leading source of integrated polymer surface and system solutions for furniture manufacturers, distributors, designers, and architects. We design, develop, and manufacture complete edging solutions and systems for the office, kitchen and residential, display/store fixture, and closet markets.

REHAU offers a range of stock, standard, and custom edgeband, t-molding, tambour doors, cable management and profiles in PVC, PP, and ABS to meet most any design and application requirement.




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