Workpiece Presser for Table Saws & Edgebanders

Virutex introduces the RP80 Roller Presser. It is designed for use with panels for accurate cuts by a table saw or panels on an edgebander. Virutex says the RP80 Panel Presser/Holder allows users to cut or edge band a panel more accurately. It offers increased safety and more comfort for the user by getting the panel pressed against the table of the machine, adds Virutex, and it is ideal for working on laminate or Plexiglass panels.  The company recommends the use of one unit on each side of a saw blade. The RP80 can also be used with routers and with the Virutex edgebander PEB250TA. With the model PEB250TRM, the RP80 is delivered as standard, says the company. The RP80 features easy adjustment and the spring arm can be locked to limit the pressure when making the vertical adjustment. Presser roller dimensions are 50x25 mm ( 2" x 1") with an arm opening  of 45 mm ( 1.77" ). Maximum panel thickness is 0-85 mm ( 0- 3.46" ) and the presser’s weight is Weight= 1.5 Kg ( 2.6 Lbs ). Thickness can vary depending on the height of the machine guide, adds the company. The RP80 is priced at $95.

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