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Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has added four AutoRoute models of CNC machines manufactured by Axiom Precision. Axiom AutoRoute CNC machines are ideal for a variety of projects including large signs, image reproduction, luthiery and parts fabrication. They feature liquid-cooled motors that are designed for quiet operation and a long life of high-level machining, and the universal router mount accepts a wide variety of common woodworking routers. Axiom AutoRoute CNC machines offer variable speed operation up to 24,000 RPM plus a 200 inch-per-minute maximum feed rate. Rockler offers four AutoRoute models (4 Basic, 4 Pro, 6 and 8 Pro) that feature different working area capacities (ranging from the 24 inch by 24 inch AutoRoute 4 Basic to the 24 inch by 48 inch AutoRoute 8 Pro.) Each Axiom AutoRoute features precision ball screws, steel frames and interlocking aluminum tables, which are compatible with T-track accessories. In addition, integrated MDF spoil boards promise exacting precision, as they can be milled flat for true perpendicularity with the spindle, the company says. The machines require operating software and drivers which are sold separately. An onboard USB port allows users to input their operating programs with a flash drive, which means the CNC doesn't need to be tethered to a computer. Axiom CNCs are priced starting at $3,999.

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