Hendrick Manufacturing Corp. introduces the Hendrick GoSaw, a fully portable vertical cutting platform complete with a Festool TS-55 circular saw (compatible with a wide range of other handheld circular saws, including cordless). The GoSaw, which weighs less than 60 lbs., can be easily transported in a shop truck, small van or station wagon and set up by an operator in seconds, says the company. The GoSaw, stable on even or uneven surfaces, according to the company, handles sheets up to 4’x8’ providing panel support and allowing vertical and horizontal cutting. Bevel cutting at angles of up to 45° is supported and accessories include a midway fence and quick stop. Applications include kitchen, bath and office fitters, builders, sign makers, DIY outlets, export packers, lumber yards, plastic distributors, and furniture makers plus small shops with space or cutting requirements.

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About Hendrick Mfg. Corp.

Hendrick offers a complete line of fully automated computerized vertical panel saws. The machine controller has large program storage capacity and can receive off line cut optimization patterns via communication interface. Cut lengths range from 4-ft through 10-ft models. Solid phenolic table surfaces and a full-length pneumatic hold-down bar together with up to 12-hp blade motor allow stack cutting and cutting of thin strips. Precision material indexing is by THK ball screw linear ways. The material pusher can operate in either absolute or incremental mode. Three cutting modes including normal, reciprocating and scoring are standard. Applications include panel sizing, door sizing, trimming and component cross cutting.



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