June 6, 2012 | 2:54 pm CDT

Dieffenbacher, Inc. introduces the Dieffenbacher Colorizer, which applies high quality direct digital printing on THDF/MDF and particleboard for applications such as laminate flooring and furniture production. The Dieffenbacher Colorizer,  an IWF 2012 Challengers Award Entry,  is particularly suited to small and medium batch sizes. It has a capacity of 19,375 sq.ft/h and a resolution of 600 dpi, offering cost effectiveness along with expanded possibilities in design, products and product flow, says the company. The single printing pass printing system produces the image onto a board and the pigmented aqueous inks ensure a strongly adhered, high abrasion-resistant surface coating when used with a melamine resin top coat. The Colorizer is offered in 4-color print, extendable to 8 colors. Direct Ditigal Printing offers flexibility in the design of wood grain board surfaces, says the company, and allows for rapid response to new market requirements. Surface styles can be changed from panel to panel.


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