Nesting Gripper

Schmalz’s nesting gripper offers layerwise handling of work pieces after cut-optimized processing. Its vacuum layer gripping system provides efficient and reliable handling of cut-optimized wooden panels (minimum size of the parts 40 by 300 mm. or 100 by 100 mm.). In the nesting technology, standard panels are processed into individual parts with little waste. The Schmalz nesting gripper is used to de-stack the cut layers of wood in one single handling process. The nesting gripper is based on a modular system, with two central vacuum connections and four additional vacuum connections that allow the segmentation of the gripper. It also features four vacuum control modules for gripping and releasing of the work pieces. A special flow resistor mat compensates for leakage and increases the effective suction force, the company says. Schmalz’s nesting gripper offers a circumferential installation frame to mount additional functions such as sensors for part present detection. An overpressure valve provides safety when compressed air is supplied for fast placement of work pieces.


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