Multifunctional CNC Router

Laguna Tools’ Multimaster CNC router is configured for a number of production needs with a single router platform, says the company. The new Multimaster CNC is suited for a range of business categories, knife-cutting applications and materials, from sign and graphic shops, digital printing, packaging and aerospace to materials such as cork, honeycomb cardboard, single-ply cloth and fabric, corrugated cardboard vinyl veneers, corrugated plastic, leather goods and more. Features include a stock 4 HP spindle, along with various tool possibilities, including a tangential knife system, roller creasing wheel, oscillating tangential saw, right angle spindle, secondary spindle for metal (low RPM),repeated drilling process, Braille distributor and pneumatic self-feed tapping system. The Multimaster uses Laguna’s 4th axis control set allowing a lathe to be added. Another feature of the Multimaster CNC is the retraction of added devices on linear pneumatic slides, so when not in use, they are out of the way while routing. In addition each item is identified by a specific tool number. 

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