Multipurpose CNC Machining Centers

Scm Group introduces the Pratix Z5 CNC Machining Centers, Model Z5-31 and  Z5 52, with a multifunction aluminum table and T-shaped grooves. The Pratix Z5 group offer a flexible solution with the multipurpose machines. The Pratix z5 can size nested panels and bore-router already sized panels for alternated work process. It is high performance due to the machine’s “photobumpers” safety protection, a patented solution, says Scm with operator convenience and flexibility of use due to the "PRISMA  5" routing head that allows it to operate easily in reduced spaces without risk of collisions. Applications include custom made interior furniture. The Z5-31 has a panel clearance of 1550mm as does the Z5-52. It features integration in the NetLine process which manages the Design, the Programming and the furniture automatic production in all machining phases: sizing, edge banding and boring-routing.

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