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Thermwood announces its Mobile App now supports automatic text and email alerts. The free Mobile App is designed to allow Thermwood Machine users to track the operation of their Thermwood CNC routers using their cell phone, PC or other mobile device. The new Automatic Alert addition allows the user to instruct the machine to automatically email or text them when certain events occur. To accomplish this, the user enters an email address or phone number, chooses the machine(s) to monitor and select the events they want to automatically receive alerts about.  The alerts are easily customizable and adjustable, says Thermwood, making it simple to set up and receive more or less information automatically. The CNC Mobile App allows users to monitor many aspects of their Thermwood smart-router(s) and QCore Super Controls, including programs running, events, cycle times, scheduled maintenance and much more from just about anywhere.  This app permits the user to obtain a wide range of information on a smart-phone, tablet or PC, including a listing of every machine the user owns; the current state such as ready, running or in e-stop; the current Feed Override setting; and the current program loaded and or running.

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Thermwood Corporation, located in Southern Indiana and established in 1969, offers both three & five axis CNC machining centers ideally suited for the production, fabrication & trimming of wood, plastics, non-ferrous metals, composites and other advanced materials. These applications range from machining patterns & molds/plugs to trimming & machining production products for various industries such as woodworking, automotive, aerospace/aviation and defense industries. Thermwood is a US company with distributors worldwide and provides extensive and complete support, installation, training & ongoing service.



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