Edgebander with Diamond Tipped Premilling Cutters
September 12, 2014 | 11:35 am CDT

Felder introduces the new G 660 Edgebander with premilling. Felder says the new edgebander ensures ideal results in processing various types of coiled and strip edge material up to 6mm in thickness. It features diamond tipped premilling cutters. The two operation-controlled spiral milling cutters turn in opposing directions to create tear-free, quality material edges, adds the company. A tool-free, quick-remove glue pot offers easy maintenance and simple glue changes between standard glues as well as PUR glue, says the company.  The G 660 is part of Felder’s Professional Series, which includes the G 670 and G 680 Edgebanders. It features quick changeover times and high levels of repeatability when changing between edge materials, says Felder.

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