Edgeband-Laminate Cross Reference

Doellken-Woodtape introduces its 2014 Doellken-Woodtape Cross Reference and Product Guide, available for downloading online. The 69-page Doellken-Woodtape guide contains three main sections that explain the features and benefits of the company’s products. The 2014 edition has been updated and includes new design option opportunities, adds the company. Information regarding the company’s comprehensive stock program and edgebanding is included. Laminate brands are listed alphabetically and by laminate type.  Doellken-Woodtape says it offers access to the latest information about stock availability in any size for a particular Doellken-Woodtape design including a cross reference of its stocked colors to leading laminate manufacturers. The chart can also be used to cross reference between laminate brands, adds the company. For further information or to download the guide, visit the Doellken-Woodtape website.

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