CNC Machining Center for ACM Fabrication

Laguna-Tools-CF16-CNC Machining Center-large
Laguna-Tools-CF16-CNC Machining Center-large

Laguna Tools introduces the Composite Fabricator CF16 CNC Machining Center designed for the ACM (Aluminum-Composite-Material) Fabrication Industry. The CF16 features a large table format (6’ x 16’) well suited for machining the large architectural panels that are required in many ACM applications, says the company, and Laguna’s SmartShop one-piece, all-welded structural steel base frame system. The machines feature special six-zone vacuum table design. A variety of vacuum pumps are available with the machines, depending on application requirements, adds Laguna. Laguna Tools’ ACM machining package includes three "floating head" CNC electro-spindles to perform the machining functions typical to ACM fabrication and a chip removal shroud system that directs all the available vacuum to the active machining head, keeping chip damage to a minimum. A typical Composite Fabricator CF16 configuration would include two machining heads used for miter-folding and panel cutout, says the company. The third floating head in the package also includes mist lubrication. The Laguna "Touch" CNC fully-networkable machine controller was developed with B & R Automation and the touch screen-based control interface is designed to make the CF16 easy-to-learn and easy-to-use, according to the company.

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