Automatic Edgebander with Panel Movement System

Scm Group introduces the Minimax ME 35 Automatic Edgebander.  The Minimax ME 35 allows users to select a preferred edge to apply, such as thin or thick edges from a roll and solid wood strips up to 5 mm, says the company. The ME 35 offers ease of use with all inclusive equipment, adds Scm, with gluing a panel edge and also with edging solid wood strips up to 5 mm thickness.  The Panel Movement System via the panel conveyor track, prevents the panel having the feed affected by pulses generated by the pinion of a traditional feed track, ensuring a smooth and linear panel movement, says Scm. High frequency motors provide optimal finishing of the applied edge. The absence of belts or other conventional driving systems prevent vibration. The PLC guides the operator through the selection of all main functions, such as maintenance, cleaning and diagnostics for a simple and intuitive use of the machine, adds the company. Exhaust outlets are dedicated to operating units for optimal finish and to the glue pot unit for easy cleaning. A single hand wheel with a numerical read-out raises and lowers the pressure beam for automatic positioning of the operating units, according to the panel thickness.

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